What happens if Social Security cancels your benefits?

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Five years ago, a 22-year old Knoxville woman was granted benefits by a Social Security administrative judge, who determined that the woman was disabled and was unable to work anymore. Nina Rouse was granted Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income, and was allowed to collect Medicaid. While those benefits were granted to her and she was allowed to collect them for several years, a review conducted by Social Security eventually determined that she was no longer disabled and her benefits were revoked. How can the Social Security Adminstration do that? How can they simply tell someone that they are no longer disabled? Per federal law, benefits are reviewed periodically after they have been granted, and in Nina Rouse’s case, the SSA determined that she was no longer disabled and she received a notice saying that her benefits were ending. Nina would like to work, but finds herself unable to do so due to a digestive system defect that she has had from birth. She was forced to have her colon removed along with part of her esophagus, which causes breathing problems, problems with digestion, and immediate access to the bathroom at all times. She cannot stand for long periods of time, and cannot walk long distances. She used to be able to work, holding down jobs at a fast food restaurant and movie theater, but she says she can no longer work. She had all of the documentation to be granted total disability benefits by the SSA in 2012, but unfortunately found the benefits revoked during the routine general review this year. Fortunately for Nina, the SSA does allow individuals to appeal this decision, and if you respond immediately, you may be able to retain your benefits during the appeals process. If your benefits have been revoked like Nina’s, you do have legal options. The best thing to do is immediately hire a┬áSocial Security Disability lawyer to help fight for the benefits you deserve. You can hire an attorney to help explain your legal options, discuss the best course of action, and assist you with the appeals process. Being denied benefits is not the end of the world, although, for many disabled people, it may feel like it. You have the right to take action to prove that you deserve the benefits that you were initially granted, and a knowledgeable attorney can help make sure that you get the benefits that matter so much to you and your family. Don’t despair if you receive a notice from Social Security canceling your benefits. It is not the final straw, and you may be able to fight to get them back. We researched attorneys, and there are lawyers who have extensive experience handling them.

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