Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the road. Unlike car and truck drivers, motorcyclists, and other motorists, they are not enclosed in metal and they do not have protective gear. When they are involved in a collision, they absorb most of the force. This may result into injuries, and on some instances, even death.

According to the website of the Milwaukee personal injury attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, pedestrians who have been injured because of negligent drivers have legal options to pursue. It is good to know that the law is on the side of the victims. But pedestrians should also make the effort to avoid accidents.

Make sure that you are visible
Many pedestrian accidents happen because of low visibility that results from inadequate lighting or dark clothing. To avoid such accidents, avoid dark areas and dark-colored clothing. If possible, wear light-colored clothing and reflective materials and bring flashlights with you if crossing in dark areas is inevitable.

Look before you step
The obvious safety tip for pedestrians is following traffic rules. Cross only on marked crosswalks and intersections. Look left and right before crossing, even if you have the right of way, because you will never know when a reckless driver is going to show up.

Don’t expect vehicles to stop
Even if you have the right of way, always be wary of moving vehicles, because they might not stop for you. This is especially true for drivers who are distracted, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and want to run through a red light or stop sign.

Be mindful of your surroundings
Different environments pose different levels of risk of pedestrian accidents. If you are near parking lots or parking spaces, be cautious of vehicles. If you are crossing in an intersection, watch out for turning cars. You should also avoid distractions that may compromise your focus on the environment, such as mobile devices and headphones.

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